'The Vault' is a growing selection of photos from my extensive archive. I will be adding images on a regular basis. Gallery-style prints sized 11x14, 16x20 and 20x24 are for sale. Please contact me for more info: maddymiller@me.com

Andy Kaufman, 1979George Harrison, 1971Melanie, 1975Elton John, 1971Elton John, 1971Andy Warhol, 1979Linda Ronstadt, 1970David Byrne, 1981Susan Sarandon, Nicaragua 1984Hall & Oates, 1981Sophia Loren, 1977Billy Crystal, 1975Cher, 1982Robbie Robertson, 1979Mary Travers, 1971Dan Aykroyd, 1982George Harrison & Monty Pythons, 1980Chicken Man, 1969James Taylor, 1970Jim Carroll, 1981John Belushi, 1978Philippe Petit, 1985Philippe Petit, 1985